Robert Moriarty was born and raised in the southwest of Ireland. His multidisciplinary practice is deeply rooted in concepts contextualised by landscape, such as beauty, transcendence and materiality. Landscape related philosophies both Western and Eastern are of particular interest and inherently shape his practice. The historical context of art is a concern for Moriarty and the ready-made plays a significant role in his work. Moriarty is intrigued by materials and objects from the everyday and he applies to these materials minimal intervention. This results in an almost literalist presentation of materials which relates to a consideration of the primary relationship between the self and the world of matter. Robert Moriarty studied Fine Art in Limerick School of Art and Design Sculpture (BA) 2014 (IRL) and Belfast School of Art (NI), Fine Art (MFA) 2016. He now lives and works in London, UK.